We are a fifth generation Nebraska farm family sharing our role in food production.

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They are excited to partner with Dutch Girl Creamery to offer delicious cow’s milk cheeses and cheese curds. (and fulfill a long time wish of Marie’s to sell cheese!)

Currently the herd is managed by Tom Jr. & Sharon’s daughter Melisa Konecky. The herd is about 24 cows right now, made up mostly of registered Guernseys, Jerseys and a couple Holsteins. Capitalizing on the Agronomy expertise of Vince, the family also continues to farm corn, soybeans, alfalfa and rye and have added about 24 head of beef cows which are managed Vince's wife, Abby who uses her Ruminant nutrition degree in her role as the farm's beef specialist.

Tom Konecky Jr. became a partner in the dairy, he helped grow the herd and build a milk parlor (previously they were milking in a converted chicken house). Together they developed a nationally recognized dairy herd.

By the time Marie and Tom got married in 1959 he had a purebred Guernsey milking herd. Throughout the years the entire family (all 10 kids) helped with caring for the calves, miking, putting up hay and farming.

The Konecky family has been farming in Saunders County since 1876 and milking cows since the 1950’s. In 1950 14-year-old Tom Konecky (Sr.) won a dairy judging contest at the Saunders County Fair, his prize was a tan and white guernsey calf.

Built on hard work, integrity and looking at the bright side.

The Konecky Family